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The Ultimate Shopping Guide: 5 Proven Ways to Get the Best Deals Online

Shopping online has so many advantages over shopping in person; you can comparison shop in the comfort of your own home and even return items you don’t like hassle-free. But when it comes to finding the best deals, it can be tough to get your bearings and decide which websites are worth buying from and which will just waste your time (and money). If you’re tired of paying full price for everything, check out these eight shopping strategies that will help you find unbeatable deals on your favorite products and services online.

1) Getting a few pieces from every website you shop at

Getting a few pieces from every website you shop at is a great way to build up your wardrobe without spending more money than you’d planned. Check out our favorite pieces from these 8 stores’ website:

1) Gap

2) the Banana Republic

3) J.Crew

4) Ann Taylor

5) Loft

6) Talbots

 7) Dillard’s

8)Nordstrom Rack.

 Mix and match for a unique style every time!

2) Always buying something when you shop from a website

I tend to impulse buy something when I’m in a store. It doesn’t matter what I’m shopping for or how much I have in my wallet, there is always something calling out my name. The worst part about doing online shopping is that they always send you promotions through email or texts so you end up spending more than you want to spend. You need something specific and when you find it, you have an urge of buying it right away.

3) Ordering in bulk with a discount

Ordering in bulk with a discount is a great way to get better prices and eliminate excess packaging. Look for stores that offer discounts on bulk orders, and take advantage of promo codes and coupons from individual sellers when you can. Amazon’s Subscribe & Save program can also be a smart option if you shop there frequently: it allows you to schedule regular shipments of products and save up to 15% off your order with no minimum order size or annual fee.

4) Checking clearance, designer, and discounted websites frequently

Buying discounted designer and brand name clothing online can be a bit tricky, but with a little research and preparation, you’ll be able to find deals that will have your friends asking where you got those great items. If you can find a website that sells gently used designer or name brand clothing, you can get high-quality brands at much lower prices than if you purchased new clothes at retail stores. Just make sure they are selling authentic items, not fakes.

5) Delaying gratification will save you money in the long run

The trick with online shopping is not buying everything you see. It’s easy to get carried away when there are so many products just a click away. It pays to have self-control and resist the urge—think of all the money you’ll save in the long run! Plus, when you don’t buy it right now, you’ll get that rush of anticipation as you wait for your items to arrive.

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