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The 10 Coolest Gift Ideas for People Who Love to Travel

1) Carry On Liquids – Vacuum Sealed Smart Bottles

A great gift idea for travelers that hate having to worry about liquids going over their allotted quantity is a vacuum-sealed water bottle. These smart bottles allow you to bring any liquid, even shampoo and shower gel.

2) A Bigger Carry On Bag

Carrying on bags can be very limiting. An average carry-on bag is only around 30 long. Having a bigger carry-on bag will enable you to store more in your bag, making it easier and faster when you need something while traveling.

3) Subscription To Airline Lounges For Less Than $50/Year

This site provides access to airport lounges from around the world. For less than $50/year, travelers can enjoy comfort and luxury beyond most airline seats.

4) Tickets To An Exciting Concert In Another City

This can be a concert in another city, it doesn’t have to be in your city. Your friend or family member will be delighted with tickets to an exciting show or even a sporting event.

5) A Day At A Tropical Resort, Anywhere In The World

Any travel lover will tell you that they love tropical resorts, as well as beaches in general. Giving someone a trip to a tropical island is an excellent gift idea, although it may be hard to decide which island you want them to visit.

6) Plan Your Dream Trip With This Epic Guidebook

Plan Your Dream Trip With This Epic Guidebook By now, you should have a solid idea of what your dream trip will look like. It’s time to start planning it! Luckily, there are plenty of guidebooks out there that can help you plan an epic trip.

7) New, Slimmer Luggage

They say a change is as good as a rest, and if you’re tired of lugging around those heavy suitcases that weigh down your shoulders and threaten to pop off their wheels with every step, it’s time for an upgrade. Newer, slimmer luggage helps ensure that you can traverse your journey pain-free—and without any fear of arriving at your destination without some precious belongings.

8) Kindle Or Audio Book Subscription

What better way to enjoy a long flight or car ride than with your favorite book? Getting an Audible subscription is a great gift idea because it gives your loved one access to audiobooks, radio plays, and podcasts (if they already have a Kindle Fire, they can just download Audible onto their device). Plus, if you’re interested in spending some quality time reading together over Christmas break, consider gifting them your unused library card!

9) Airport Lounge Membership Or Global Entry Fee Waiver

Memberships can get you into airport lounges all over, giving you free drinks and snacks while you wait for your flight. Global Entry Fee Waiver allows approved travelers to skip long lines when passing through customs.

10) Personalized Map Of Where They’ve Been So Far!

A fun way to show off a traveler’s passion is by creating a personalized map of where they’ve been so far. To do so, you’ll need access to a professional illustrator who can put together an intricate and beautiful map—which you can then frame and give as a gift! There are plenty of options out there, but be sure that you have a few photos from your friend that you want to be included on their map.

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