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How to Dress for Extremely Cold Weather

Although it’s never really possible to estimate the exact whether outside or how you should dress aptly for it, nothing’s worse than being stuck in the cold without proper winter apparel to save you from shivering to the bones or catching pneumonia. Whether you’re packing for a trip or are awaiting winter in your hometown, given below are some tips that’ll keep you up and ready for an extremely chilly day.

·        Don’t Get too Comfortable

Although the go-to advice would be to keep adding layers of clothes to protect you from the cold, overheating yourself too will have consequences. Sweating can cause your body to lose more heat, so if you feel yourself getting too warm, remove a layer or two. The warmth might feel comfortable, but it’ll just work against you in the long run and cause drastic consequences.

·        Choice of Fabric

The choice of fabric can completely alter your level of warmth. For instance, while wool is the top choice for cold weather, cotton is a complete no-no. Similarly, fabrics such as cashmere, merino wool, silk, etc. are some of the top choices you can turn to. Whereas fabrics like linen, cotton, and other unbreathable synthetic fabrics are the worst options you can turn to.

·        Cover from Your Head to Toe

You can have the right amount of layers but it still wouldn’t work if even a single part of your body goes neglected. For instance, a windcheater won’t save your hands from catching frostbite. Do a complete head-to-toe checklist. Cover your head with a hat or a scarf. Use the scarf to also cover your face and mouth. Make sure to wear gloves or mittens. Wear long-sleeved clothes that end at your wrist. Add a few loose-fitted clothes to the mix. Opt for a waterproof jacket or a coat with boots and woolen socks, and your getup is complete. Make sure no part of your skin remains naked and exposed to the chilly air.

·        How to Do the Layers

For extremely cold weather, remember there always needs to be three layers of clothing. The innermost layer for instance needs to be moisture-wicking and should be able to trap your body heat. You can opt for fabrics like wool, polyester, and so on. But make sure whatever you wear, isn’t prone to withholding moisture as it’ll be extremely uncomfortable for you to go about the day.

The second layer is the insulation layer which will do the job of retaining as much heat as possible. Fabric options are again wool, fleece, and so on. Not just jackets, make sure you also get pants that are made of insulating materials to keep your legs safe and covered.

The third layer is meant to keep you protected from rain, wind, and snow. So your outer shell of jackets and pants need not just be insulating, but also waterproof and long enough to keep you properly covered. When you shop for your outer layers, make sure the knit is tightly woven.

Hope this keeps you safe and comfortable. But if you feel frostbite or hypothermia creeping in, make sure you go indoors and warm up. Look out for any signs your body gives you, whether it’s long spans of shivering or reddening skin and so on.

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