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How to Curate Your Own Capsule Wardrobe

Dressing well can be the little needed difference to a gloomy day. From looking fashionable to feeling confident, a good personal closet can even help you feign confidence when you yourself aren’t up for the task. Yet, amidst our million chores and busy lifestyles we often fail to find time for ourselves, even if that be picking up a good outfit. And indeed trying to decide on a good outfit, every morning can start feeling like a chore in itself. So, what’s the solution?

What is a Capsule Wardrobe

The answer to all your fashion woes is a Capsule Wardrobe. Instead of investing in impulse or seasoned buys, create a compact and versatile wardrobe consisting of all the favorites that you can mix and match to create a thousand looks. Does that mean you have to discard your entire closet and land on an extravagant shopping spree? Not, it’s all about refining your immediate wardrobe and not building one from the scratch.

Understanding Your Wardrobe and Your Style

You won’t build a Capsule Closet in a matter of a day. We all own clothing that we scarcely wear, or even never. The trick is to aim to create the most functional wardrobe where all your clothing is something that you won’t say “Today’s not the day” to.

And to get there you need to have a strong understanding of your style. Take notes, such as which are your favorite pair of jeans? Which are your preferred colors? What fabrics do you mostly opt for? You can also use different color hangers to help you analyze which are popular items and not.

You need to be certain as to what you love. We all have a personal sense of style, and if you aren’t sure about yours, you can take the help of experts or even your friends, who can help in your process of refining your closet.

Setting Boundaries for Yourself

The common problem with our messy closets, is that we can never throw away a piece of clothing thinking what if I want to wear it one fine day? To build a capsule wardrobe, you need to set parameters for yourself and follow them. For instance, you want to bring your number clothing to a certain number, say 40. Which are ones do you discard? Compare everything you own by the list of their benefits and your work gets easier. Similarly, you’ll come across plenty of fashion challenges online, that can help you refine your wardrobe.

Harmonizing Your Collection

Now that you know the how and what, let’s get down to fine-tuning your Capsule Wardrobe effectively. Don’t discard all your unsure and unused items at once. Keep them aside and try to keep your capsule wardrobe going. Are all the selected items coming to use? If you feel some other piece of clothing, would have a better place in the closet, you can always replace it with a lesser functional top or a pant from your closet.

Getting Started

Make sure your wardrobe is true to you, your style, and your lifestyle. If you spend more time outdoors, keep comfortable clothing that you can sport outside. If you spend a lot of time at the gym, or even indoors, build your wardrobe closet accordingly. If you’re a workaholic, you know what to do. Get started and remember! A great wardrobe of clothes can keep the slump away helping you take charge of the day right from the start!

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