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Can Wearing Certain Colors Affect Your Mood

Color is an extremely useful tool of expressing oneself without the sue of a lot of words. The type of colors or their combinations that we wear in our day to day lives let people have a sense of who we are as people. The colorthat we put on in the morning reflects what we are hoping to feel for the rest of the day.

Throughout history colors have been associated with certain meanings according to the rules of laws, religion, etc. Certain uniforms like that of medical professionals have specific colors which are common throughout the world. Colors have also been used to ranks and economic statusus in the society. These instances denote the influence of colors of clothing items have had on our lives and how they continue to shape and govern certain rules and regulations of today’s society as well.

Even though many people believe that the reaction one has towards different colors is based on the experiences of the individual. Societal and religious customs also determine the significance of a color for that community. However, it cannot be denied that there always tends to be certain themes or feelings that tend to perpetually reoccur when each different color is considered. Thus, there is a definite basis of colors determining our feelings or mood for the day.

To understand how certain colors might affect your mood and how you can choose the basic colors based on the feelings and energy of your day, you can refer to this cheat sheet.


Red is a color that has been used throughout time to exude confidence. A prosperous color to some and danger-signifying color to other communities, the fiery hue makes one stand out. If you want to be the centre of attention and make an impression that will last, wearing red is a great idea. Any shade of dark, warm will make you look bold, beautiful, and confident.


Even though pink is a shade of red, its wide popularity makes it necessary for the color to be its own category. Any bright shade of pink like magenta will have the same effect as a red, but lighter pinks are a different issue. A light pink will make one look soft and natural- pinks have this ability to make people glow. Muted clothing which looks gorgeous is where pink suits the best.


A color so closely associated with the earth, nature and life, green is a very renewing color. When you wear green, you would look approachable and warm. If you want to be a more open and outgoing person, green will be the way to gofor the day.


The color blue is always associated with cold things but it doesn’t make you closed-off. The color of the open sky and vast ocean, blue is a color that radiates calmness. If you want a color which will provide you stability and comfort in a frustrating day, a soft blue will be the best option.

The different shades of these few colors are the most common in clothing and wearing them would definitely reflect your mood for a day.

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