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All About the New Reactions Update on Whatsapp

What are WhatsApp emoticons?

After a lengthy wait, the Meta-claimed texting platform WhatsApp has finally handed out message responses. Mark Zuckerberg announced the element on his Facebook and Instagram pages on May 5, 2022. Since then, the feature has been rolling out to WhatsApp users all over the world. Continue reading to discover how to respond to WhatsApp messages.

The highlight of WhatsApp message response was reported with another component called Communities, which will be available to clients soon. “Emoticon responses are coming to WhatsApp so individuals can quickly convey their expertise without filling discussions with new messages,” according to the authority blog entry. Users can now avoid typing brief messages in response to something sent by another user now that the capability is accessible.

Before we get into how to send emoji responses on WhatsApp, there are a handful of things you should be aware of. First and foremost, currently only 6 emoticons responses are now available – :👍, ❤️, 😂, 😮, 😢. As the element develops, WhatsApp has announced that it will include support for all emoticons (including complexion variations) that you can use in chats. Furthermore, there are a few crucial points to keep in mind when it comes to WhatsApp Message Reactions:

  • A message can only have one emoji reaction.
  • Reactions to messages that vanish will vanish as soon as the message vanishes.
  • Emoji reaction count cannot be hidden.
  • The emoticon reaction you send will be visible to other users of a group conversation.
  • The notification will only be sent to the recipient of the message been reacted to.

How to react to messages on Android and iOS:

  • Download the newest version of WhatsApp from the Play Store or the Apple App Store.
  • Double-tap or long-press a message.
  • Six different emoji reactions will appear.
  • Tap under one of the expressions to select it.
  • A notification would be sent to the recipient with the emoji reaction.
  • Like on Instagram, reactions will be visible underneath the messages.

For Desktop and Web:

  • Click over the message you need to respond to.
  • The message’s upper right corner will show an arrow.
  • Select react to message from the downwards arrowoption.
  • Choose an emoticon to send as a response to a message.
  • The emoticon response you choose will appear beneath the message you selected.

Instructions for altering or removing a response

Have you sent an inappropriate message response? You can undoubtedly unwind. There are just a few ways to change it. This is how you do it:

  • Keep pressing for long on the message you need to respond to. The most recent emoticon response should already be displayed beneath this message.
  • A pop-up showing all the six emojis will appear.
  • Nowjust select the most recently used emoticon, and the response will be removed.
  • Choose an alternative emoticon if you want to change a message response.
  • The most recent emoticon answer will appear beneath the message you selected.

And for Desktop and Web:

  • You will see an arrow appearingon the message’s upper right corner.
  • Select react to message from the downwards bolt option
  • To remove a message response, just select the most recently used emoticon, and the emoticon would get deleted.
  • To change a message reaction, select a different emoticon.
  • The most recent emoticon answer will appear beneath the message you selected.

This has invariably made the texting experience more fun and convenient over Whatsapp and will get rid of lengthy text strings, which often becomes confusing in case of long text conversations.

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