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9 Tips for Setting Healthy Boundaries

Setting boundaries can be challenging, but it is an essential part of our self-respect. Boundaries shape the primary base for how you want to be treated by others. Boundaries allow us to feel secure and respected both physically and emotionally. We all have limits in our relationships and ignoring those limits can lead to feelings pique.

Whereas, it is an important skill which is not known to many people, how to set boundaries and parents are also struggling with this thing. But now there is nothing that you can not learn about and one of those is boundaries.

People with healthy boundaries are aware about their needs, it is a trait of people with healthy boundaries that they don’t sacrifice themselves for others.

  • Know your Priorities

What is non-negotiable to you, your tough limits and your rules and regulations? These are your most important priorities where you can focus more. Boundaries include many foundations like physical, emotional, moral and financial limits. Make some time for yourself to write down your list of priorities. Self-awareness is one of the first steps an individual should take towards change.

  • Learn to Say No

Practice to say no, as no is a complete sentence in itself. If you are stuck in any situation in which you are not comfortable then try to say no. Don’t be shy to take this step because of others. People are always judgmental, if you do something for yourself, they are always ready to complain, blame. No, thank you.

Help to express yourself

When you __________, I felt __________.

Please don’t ___________.

  • Feel comfortable

If you are not comfortable with affirming your boundaries, you may feel awkward, scared, nervous and sometimes guilty as well. Give yourself some time and space to get comfortable in uncomfortable situations.

  • Pay attention to your body signals

Do you know that criticizing the voice in your head at the back that is telling you something is a bad idea? You always get a chance to be guided in the right direction! You should not always accept invitations which you don’t want to do unless it is very important.

  • Take your space

If you ever caught someone who is crossing his/her limits, and you’re not sure how to respond, give yourself permission to respond back to the conversation you’ve had some time to reflect on.

  • Flexible boundaries

Flexible boundaries are the ideal and it differs according to people. You should have more control in deciding what to let in or what to keep out.

  • Always be ready

Don’t get surprised if sometimes people make poor comments to your feedback. These kinds of people could be controlling, abusive or who have unhealthy boundaries.

  • Creating outcomes

If a person is constantly disrespecting your boundaries, then what would be the options, you would choose to deal with it? If this feels challenging, then consult a family member or a friend.

  • Respect others boundaries

If you want your boundaries to be respected by an individual then try to respect theirs too.

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