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7 Sustainable Fashion Brands to Shop If You Want to Ditch Fast Fashion

Low costs, easy availability, trending optimum options. What’s not there to love about fast fashion? Well, the drastic environmental impact and exploitation of labor it often leads to. Although this problem has been prevalent for a long, the solution has been only taken up by a few. Want to play your part and make sustainable fashion choices? Here’s a list of brands that are working toward a better and greener future.

·        Noize

Rising from one of the coolest cities in Canada, Noize has a range of outerwear that is cruelty-free and sustainable. From recycled plastic to vegan wool and leather, each of their materials is selectively and ethically picked. So, you can shop guilt-free and invest in only quality fashion pieces.

·        Reformation

Reformation started with a vision to prize the many timeless silhouettes and fashion statements. And the vision paid off, as the small vintage store in LA turned into a global name under sustainable fashion. Taking care of environmental and ethical concerns every step of the way, Reformation checks all of the boxes throughout from resourcing to shipping.

·        Article 22

Shopping at Article22 is not just awe-inspiring, it is an entire experience. This jewelry brand creates its gorgeous jewelry off of aluminum from the millions of bombs that scatter the land of Laos. From rejuvenating contaminated lands to paying artisan families who otherwise would’ve left to struggle for survival, Article22 is the fashion voice that rings louder than most brands in 2022.

·        Gabriela Hearst

The brand that shoulders the renowned fashion designer Gabriela Hearst, aims at creating signature pieces that must have a unique identity and purpose of their own. Her brand creates one-of-a-kind apparel and accessories which are made of earthly materials. All her raw materials are resourced from transparent sources and can be tracked down by any and every customer.

·        Amour Vert

Translated as “Green Love”, Amour Vert stands for sustainable fashion through and through. The entire lifecycle of a manufactured garment is monitored thoroughly from proper treatment of workers to ethical production processes. Moreover to take it a step further, and make sure the production is controlled, Amour Vert also adds to afforestation by planting a tree every time a t-shirt is sold.

·        Eileen Fisher

One of the best sustainable brands for plus-size clothing, Eileen Fisher has been around since 1997. From recycling fabrics to garments, Eileen Fisher is a renowned face for eco-friendly fashion. They have an entire branch called ‘The Social Consciousness’ that is constantly striving at innovative practices to promote green fashion in the most holistic way possible.

·        Everlane

Everlane is a reputed name not simply for focusing on sustainability but for making its elegant and gorgeous designs attainable for the masses. Everlane offers a greener alternative to fast fashion while also assuring that it’s also affordable. Unsure of how? You are at liberty to check out their GOTS-certified transparent processes, each step of the way.

Today in 2022, sustainability is a demand for all our lifestyles. So, why should fashion take a backseat? Get cute tops and dresses, but also make sure they are ethically attained and manufactured. Join hands with eco-friendly brands such as these, and build a secure future.

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