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5 Travel Trends for Spring 2022

Spring 2022 will be upon us soon and if the latest research from travel agencies and industry insiders holds, we’ll see some interesting new travel trends this season. Whether you’re planning your next trip or waiting to book your current one, knowing what’s on the horizon can help you make smart decisions that save time and money, get you to where you want to go more quickly, and avoid pointless hassles along the way. Here are five trends that are expected to come into play during spring 2022 that can benefit your travel experiences both now and shortly.

Airlines will operate on renewable jet fuel

In 2021, companies such as Virgin Atlantic began operating with biofuels derived from ingredients like jatropha and babassu, making it possible to fly with minimal environmental impact. The market is already fairly competitive; British Airways, Air France-KLM, and American Airlines all operate on renewable fuel. This year’s price hike has made alternative fuels much more viable—so look for them to become increasingly popular as jet fuel prices fluctuate and stay high.

Self-driving cars will be used more frequently

Cars will be even smarter in five years, with more and more functions being automated. Expect to see them used more frequently. A new law will make it mandatory for every self-driving car to have a passenger behind its wheel at all times, making them safer and more reliable. Data from current users will also be analyzed by driving companies who specialize in virtual travel, helping optimize schedules.

Everyone will use augmented reality apps to plan their vacations

Next year, augmented reality apps will reach more people than ever before. These apps will help you to use your phone to plan vacations and other travel arrangements. The apps allow you to see if any local festivals or events are happening in your destination city. You can easily change hotel rooms, or find a new activity to do while you’re on vacation using these apps.

Cruise lines will get bigger

As more people are traveling more frequently, cruise lines will start to get bigger and bigger. The most popular will have to be self-sustaining and contain everything from a shopping center to restaurants so that guests never need to leave their ship. This makes perfect sense since if you’re cruising once a month or every few months, do you want to spend your time doing anything but sitting by a pool or staring out at an ocean? I think not.

International travel will increase

With travel restrictions and budgeting becoming more of a priority, people will turn to international vacations. While international travel was down slightly in 2018, we predict it will increase steadily in 2019 and 2020 before skyrocketing by 2022. And travelers won’t be limited to Europe or Asia—places like South America and Australia will see a huge surge as new airlines offer cheap flights.


As we start to head into spring and summer in 2022, we’re going to see some interesting changes in travel trends and ways that people are moving around the globe.

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