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Top 7 destinations for Eid break in UAE

Our lives are enveloped in stress and distress. We need a change in scenery every now and then to function properly. In this modern world, we are all suffering from some form of depression, and being cooped up in our homes for nearly 2 years owing to the deadly COVID-19 has only contributed to that depression. Work from home has turned the one place people go to rest after work into an office and lockdown and a ban on international traveling has left no means to relieve that stress.

As the world is slowly and gradually adjusting to the new normal, people have started to travel once again. Travel destinations have started to see tourists from all over the world. Holidays are a major time for people to travel and as the Eid break approaches, here are seven places to visit in the UAE.

Places to Visit in the UAE

During Eid, UAE is the best place to visit. It lights up, people flock to the markets, and there’s an atmosphere of celebration all around.

·         Burj Al Arab

If staying in a fine hotel is desired during this Eid break, then no further looking is needed. This luxury hotel provides excellent hospitality and an escape from the city’s din and bustle. Being located on a somewhat private peninsula, the rooms of this hotel look directly out at the coastline of the city and provide stunning views.

·         Burj Khalifa

The most famous building in the country and probably in the whole world will unsurprisingly make its way to this list. It is currently the world’s tallest building and is considered one of the tallest freestanding structures. The elevator distance from the bottom to the very top of this building is the longest in the entire world! If acrophobia does not affect you, then the picture-perfect view of Dubai from atop this building will have you awestruck. The scene of the night, with brightly colored illumination, makes it even more amazing.

·         Ferrari World

If you love cars, especially Ferraris, then this is the place for you. Ferrari World features roller coaster rides where your coaster happens to be a Ferrari, bumper cars for the family which are also Ferraris. It also has great museums where you can witness the history of Ferrari race cars and how it has remained one of the best in the world.

·         Dubai Mall

If the heat is too much to bear, the Dubai mall offers a lot more than just cooling down from the heat. During the Eid break, you can visit it for all the family-friendly attractions that will have you and your kids entertained. For more physical activities, there’s the Dubai Ice Rink and VR Park to look into.

·         Bollywood Park

If you are from India and planning to visit UAE during this Eid Break, you absolutely cannot miss the Bollywood Parks. It is a magical place with lively song and dance shows. Bollywood fan or not, you are sure to enjoy the thrilling rides and immersive movie-set zones. It is a complete Bollywood experience.

·         Dubai Miracle Garden

If you like greenery over the city landscape and want to make your Eid break more exciting then this is the place for you. The Dubai Miracle Garden has over 150 million blossoms spread across the biggest flower garden on the planet. It is the perfect destination during the evening when the weather starts to cool and you can spend hours gazing at nature’s finest beauty.

·         Louvre Abu Dhabi

If you like art and love museums then you should add Louvre Abu Dhabi to your Eid break destinations. You can roam around multiple halls and fall in love with wonderful pieces of art and paintings. Some of those paintings are even loaned from The Louvre Paris and other French museums.

Traveling is fun when you know the right places to visit. This Eid break, gift yourself and your family a perfect trip to the UAE.

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